Parents Advisory Council

What matters most at Thomas Telford School is the quality of education available to the young people it serves. It naturally follows, therefore, that all who are able to improve this, such as teachers, students, parents, industrialists and community personnel, should be afforded the opportunity to contribute in a coordinated and effectively managed way. The Advisory Council is one the mechanisms in place which helps secure continued improvement.

Additionally, the opportunity of involving members of the School and the wider community fits well with the ethos of the School. We will continue to develop these partnerships.
Over recent years, the Advisory Council has helped in revising policies, eg Health and Sex Education, Equal Opportunities, etc. The revision of the Parents' Charter is a key feature in ensuring the continuing effectiveness of the School and the Advisory Council is of considerable help in recommending improvements and monitoring its effectiveness.

The Advisory Council provides a forum for involving the wider community and the Headmaster coopts members of the local community to the Council to assist in its work

Parents who are Members of the Advisory Council 2018 - Present

Mrs Janette Beamson Telford
Mrs Tracy Bevan Telford
Ms Vikki Blair Wolverhampton
Mrs Alyson Briscoe Wolverhampton
Mr Ian Foster Wolverhampton
Mr Dean Jenkins Wolverhampton
Mrs Donna Jenkins Wolverhampton
Mr Scott Lyons Wolverhampton
Mr David Malone Telford
Mrs Hayley Martson Wolverhampton
Mr Jon Middleton West Midlands
Mr Robert Parker Telford
Mrs Anita Patel Wolverhampton
Mr Roshan Patel Wolverhampton
Mr Yogesh Patel Telford
Mr William Scott Telford
Mr Joe Wong Telford

The Parents Advisory Council provides advice, information and support for the Headmaster and Governors. This assistance enables the School to implement the stated School aims and objectives effectively. The meetings take place each term.


Messages for members of the Advisory Council can be forwarded via the School Reception.

The Advisory Council has two sub groups which are open to all parents. The Social Development Committee organises fund raising events eg Summer Fayre and the Road Safety Group which aims to improve safety outside the School. If you would like to attend meetings of either or both of these sub groups, please contact the school at