Charity Work

Summer 2021 Fundraising Target: £25,000.00

As a school, we support various charities and raise money in many different ways.

We feel that it is important that whole school is involved, from the Year 7 through to 6.2 (and of course parents and teachers too). We do this because, as a community, we are aware of how fortunate we are in comparison to so many other people around the world; we know how important it is to care about others and do our best to help where we can. Some of the charities we support are local, others can be national or even international. Our focus is that they are charities chosen by the students.

Our pupils raise money in a huge range of different ways from our always popular Mufti Days, Cake baking and bake sales, Christmas Fayre events through to the more recent and adventurous Wrekin Walk and in school race for life.

Each year the student body chooses new causes to support through our year head students. We will then aim to plan our fundraising programme for the whole year, making sure that events are balanced and well-spaced out. Students regularly choose a cause that they can link meaningfully to their own lives, with the Summer 2021 charities being focused on cancer and cancer care, something that has touched many of our students lives.

Raising money unleashes student’s creativity and encourages them to be enterprising; it also helps them to become kind, responsible citizens. We encourage children to organise their own fundraising events as well as take part in our whole school events. Charity work demands that we use all of the seven intellectual characteristics; it broadens our minds and makes us part of the wider world. Most of all though, it can be great fun!

  • The Wrekin Walk
  • Race for life
  • Bake Off
  • Mufti-Day

Previous Fundraising

  • Christmas Fayre
  • Bake Sales