Information for Employers

We offer a variety of services to help employers engage with and recruit Thomas Telford students. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and/or ideas.

Careers Talks

Employer presentations are one of the most effective and direct methods of informing students about career opportunities and career pathways in your industry. We run ‘Careers Insight’ sessions most weeks of term on Mondays, Tuesday or Thursdays from 3:30-5pm.  

‘Careers Insight’ sessions are information giving sessions rather than recruitment centred, so we welcome generalised presentations, although some mention of your organisation is acceptable. The objective of the talk should be to give an insight into different types of careers, and ideally should be general to the sector. It should describe the type of jobs/sectors available, typical career progression, future developments, etc. Students are also always very interested in the qualities that employers are looking for as well as how to prepare for selection events.

If you would like to run a session, please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Work Experience

Work placements are invaluable in helping our students to develop their understanding of the world of work, make more informed career choices and raise their awareness of the employability skills they need to build successful careers. It also helps our students to grow in confidence and maturity.  

We are always looking for employers to host students for placements, whether for one day, a whole week or for a few hours a week on a regular basis. If you can accommodate one of our students in your work place, please do let us know.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews offer an excellent opportunity for students to practise their interview skills and gain valuable feedback. As well as showing your commitment to the School, mock interviews also give you the opportunity to develop the skills of your own interviewers.

Looking to Recruit?

The School’s Careers Service is here to help you with your recruitment needs. We offer a variety of ways in which you can reach students, advertise vacancies and take part in events. 

We welcome contact from recruiters and are happy to discuss any ideas on how better to facilitate the recruitment of Thomas Telford students. 

Interviewing on Site

We offer a service whereby employers can hold interviews on site for work experience, internship, apprenticeship or other employment roles. Arranging first round interviews at School is convenient to students, with interviewing facilities being available throughout the year.

Annual Business Breakfast

We host an annual meeting in School for all our partner employers to keep them up-to-date on changes in the education sector, provide an opportunity for networking and to share good practice.

If you would like to attend, please let us know.

Careers Team Contact Information

Tel:     01952 2000000 


At Thomas Telford School we encourage a culture of employer engagement, which we view as essential in preparing our students for today’s complex world of work. Employer engagement in education is important for all students so they can take advantage, and make best use, of all their talents. Businesses have an important role to play in raising ambition and achievement and improving performance, through the provision of meaningful experiences of the workplace. We welcome the expertise that you can bring into our school.

The aim of our employer/school partnerships is:

To help students to:

  • Make well-informed career decisions
  • Be aware of the requirements of the world of work from an early age
  • Reflect on the relevance of what they learn at school to their futures.
  • Develop social, personal skills and employability skills
  • Develop networks in the world of work during and after leaving school
  • Benefit from a culture of expectation and aspiration
  • Progress their admission to university courses or apprenticeships
  • Develop their knowledge of local and national skills gaps
  • Increase their engagement in, and motivation to learn

To help businesses to:

  • Increase the size and quality of the local employment ‘pool’ and identify and nurture talent from an early age
  • See first-hand how individual students cope with ‘real work’ situations
  • Make a positive contribution to society as a whole and support community cohesion
  • Challenge stereotypes and promote diversity by encouraging students from a wider range of backgrounds to consider careers in your sector
  • Support staff development by providing opportunities to develop skills such as presentation, mentoring, coaching and role modelling

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