Headship Videos

Head Boys Nominees 2022

Head Girls Nominees 2022

Headship Team

Year Head Boy Head Girl
8 Caleb Bamfo Sadie Gidda
9 Oliver Beckett Leah Odai
10 Zuriel Asamoah Sharron Arthur
11 Joel Gidda Erica Webb
Sixth Form Oliver Burns Libby Rowe

Headship Description

Person Specification

The Head Boy and Girl will:

  • Show respect for the School and concern for others
  • Be prepared to be an ambassador for the school and a voice for the student
  • Be a good listener and a good communicator
  • Be able to see both sides of an argument
  • Be trusted and respected by their peers
  • Be prepared to meet regularly with their Deputy Headteacher
  • To represent students on environmental issues and to be an advocate for ‘saving the environment’
  • To attend the EcoSchool Group meetings held once or twice a term

Job description

The Head Boy and Girl will:

  • Meet regularly with the Deputy Head
  • Represent their year group at all times
  • Discuss grievances, concerns and problems within their year with their Head of Year and/or the Headteacher
  • Assist any Deputy Head, with management issues or activities as required
  • Meet with the Head for working lunches during each year