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Year 7 English (7U)
Spellings and Definitions Week 27

Complete your spellings and definitions sheet for the following:

1. Altar (n)  2. Compound (n)  3. Draft (n)  4. Evolve (v)  5.  Generate ( v)  6. Margin (n)  7.  Notion (n)  8.  Psychology (n) 

9.  Style (n)  10. Trend (n)


All spellings should be written out three times, given a definition and used appropriately in a sentence.

If you did not share your speech in class this week, please be prepared to do so next week.

Due on 21 July 2021
Created on 14 July 2021
7 EnglishMrs AlliesSpellings and Definitions Week 277U14 July 202121 July 2021

Year 7 Science (7V )
Plenary Quiz Session I: What is sound? (Miss Elwood-Adams)

Follow the link to complete the quiz based on today's session.


Due on 20 July 2021
Created on 13 July 2021
7 Science Plenary Quiz Session I: What is sound? (Miss Elwood-Adams)7V 13 July 202120 July 2021

Year 10 Computer Science (10CS)
Task 1 on Worksheet 2

Complete all algorithms for task 1 in well formatted pseudocode.


Where you are asked to create a function, ensure that you write:

function functionName(parameter)



Due on 19 July 2021
Created on 12 July 2021
10 Computer ScienceMr MurrayTask 1 on Worksheet 210CS12 July 202119 July 2021


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