Road Safety Awareness

Message from the Chairman

We are working continuously to improve road safety outside the School and your support and cooperation is extremely important.

Please read the advice below and discuss with your child the potential risks involved when you drop off and collect them from school.

Please consult the Parking Guide provided which gives guidance on suitable places to collect your child.

  • Parking outside the School is very busy, please can we ask all parents to be extremely careful, vigilant and drive slowly outside the School and surrounding areas.
  • Please do not park on the zigzag lines by the School gates.
  • Students should exit the car on the kerbside and on the School side of the road.
  • Where possible, please come up the hill from the Retail Park as having the traffic moving in one direction is much safer when pulling up and away from dropping students off.
  • All students should be careful when crossing the roads near to school. Look out for cars, coaches and other vehicles.
  • When walking around the School site, students MUST use the paths and not the perimeter roads for their safety.
  • The Local Authority Traffic Officers regularly patrol and enforce the parking restrictions outside, this is beyond the jurisdiction of the School but please obey the signage nearby school to avoid any penalties.
  • Never cross the road using a mobile phone, IPod or listening to an MP3 player
  • Zig–zag lines – do not stop on these lines at any time. They obstruct visibility for students and also vehicles entering and exiting the School site.
  • Do not stop on the opposite side of the road.
  • Help to cut down the number of journeys to the School by car sharing if possible.
  • Please drive slowly in the areas around school and remain extremely vigilant, taking great care with the high volumes of traffic and students at peak times.

We value your support and welcome suggestions that will help raise road safety standards. If you can help or would like to attend the next meeting, or if you would simply like to discuss road safety issues around the School, please email

Even though dropping off/picking up conditions outside the School gates have improved greatly, a small number of drivers continue to flout the law and stop on the zigzag lines. This is very dangerous and is likely to lead to a student being injured. The Police are actively patrolling the area and drivers who stop in the prohibited area are likely to be prosecuted.

Our Aim

Our aim is to prevent injury to the children at the start and end of their school day caused by the inconsiderate and potentially dangerous driving habits of a minority of car drivers.

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