TTS Fitness Centre

The State of the Art Fitness Centre at Thomas Telford School has been open since 2007. The facility offers the very latest fitness training equipment by leading manufacturer, Technogym and incorporates their unique Wellness System. The Wellness System tracks, monitors and reports fitness progression for all users of the fitness centre, so enabling them to analyse the effectiveness of their exercise routine. In addition the system motivates and educates on the use of the equipment. A popular addition to the fitness centre is the "Spin" class. These classes offer an intensive cardio workout which are instructor led for both staff and students.

The Fitness Centre is open to students in Years 7 - 6th Form and also to staff. Students from KS3 and KS4 take part in a wide variety of sessions in the Fitness Centre, including Circuit sessions, Weight Training and Olympic Power Lifting.

Students in the sixth form are able to use the Fitness Centre in their Independent Learning Centre (ILC) time, and this is proving popular with a number of students. Timetabled sixth form sessions include students following both the BTEC Sport courses, and AGCE Physical Education. Students and Staff are also able to use the Fitness Centre during 'session 3', which runs from 4:00pm – 5:40pm Monday – Thursday, and 3:30pm – 5:00pm on Fridays.

When slots are full it is possible to book onto a reserve list. If the day before a session at 7pm all of the spaces have not been filled then the students in the reserve list will be allocated a slot. (if you are on the reserve list you need to check to see if you have been successful the night before the session).

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