Ofsted Report & Performance Data

Ofsted Verdict on Thomas Telford School - A remarkable School

Ofsted Inspectors described Thomas Telford School as a 'remarkable school' and a 'beacon of excellence'. They awarded the School the highest possible marks in every single category.

The Ofsted team commented on the very positive ethos in the School where students are expected to work hard, where they expect to succeed and where they value their own and others' achievements. The Inspection team commented that 'So high are the expectations and attention to individual needs that all students make outstanding progress throughout the School.'

Ofsted praised the unusually high standards of behaviour of the students and praised teaching staff for their outstanding teaching, their 'exemplary planning and preparation' and excellent subject knowledge. The inspectors added: "The essence of why teaching leads to such effective learning is that so much detailed planning goes into the curriculum, so much effort goes into regularly checking how students are doing, and so much care and guidance is given to individuals to ensure they achieve their best."

The leadership and management of the School were described as 'exceptional' and 'fundamental to the splendid opportunities that the School offers to all students'.

Headmaster, Sir Kevin Satchwell, commented: "The staff and students richly deserve this praise from Ofsted. Everyone works extremely hard to achieve the highest possible outcomes for all the students and it is good to have this publicly acknowledged in this way by Ofsted."