Careers visit to BBC Birmingham

Mon, 21 Oct 2019

Last week, the Careers Team organised a fantastic trip for a group of Year 10 students to visit the BBC in Birmingham, taking a 'behind-the-scenes' tour to find out about the variety of jobs and careers in broadcasting.

Students had the opportunity to meet Joanne Malin, one of the presenters from the Midlands Today programme who talked to them about her job as a journalist and broadcaster. They also had a go at reading the weather using the green screen and an autocue and observed the radio studio in action, finding out some of the technical roles in sound production and engineering.

In the control room, the students had great fun taking on roles such as editor and director to gain a taster of working life in the media industry. One of the students commented:

"I particularly enjoyed speaking to Jo, a TV presenter. She told us about her daily routine and work. The studio room was a lot smaller than you thought!"

Mrs Smeilus and Mrs Boot from the Careers Team were delighted that the students were so engaged, polite and well-behaved on the trip, so very well done to all the students who took part.


Photo of Students at BBC Birmingham

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