Biomedical Engineering: Accident and Emergency Engineering

Mon, 10 Dec 2018

A group of Year 10 girls took part in a workshop at the University of Birmingham last week which gave them a taste of what it is like to be a biomedical engineer.

The students were told that a patient had broken the femur bone in one of their legs and been brought to A&E for help. Their X-rays showed that it was a nasty break and they were going to need surgery. The girls were then asked to design and build a device that would hold the bone together while it healed. 

Working in groups with students from other schools, the girls designed and made their own medical implant, which was then tested and costed to determine the strongest and most cost effective design. One of the Thomas Telford groups, were the overall winners of the challenge which required problem solving, team work and creativity.

The girls all worked brilliantly on the challenge and really enjoyed visiting the University of Birmingham. Mrs Flynn, who organised the trip, to promote careers in which girls are under-represented, was delighted with the ingenuity of the winning team!


Biomedical Engineering Students Group Photo

Biomedical Engineering Photo 2

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