The Art of Persuasion – law workshop

Fri, 18 Mar 2016

A group of our sixth form students took part in a law workshop at one of our sister schools, Walsall Academy, on Friday 18th March, which was run by two High Court Judges, a QC and several barristers from The Kalisher Trust.

The workshop was called ‘The Art of persuasion’ and was an interactive session aimed at preparing students for a future career in law.  Working in small groups alongside eminent lawyers, it was fantastic opportunity for students to work collaboratively with their peers to debate and present their ideas cogently, persuasively and logically.

Considering case-studies based on real legal cases, Thomas Telford students made impressive contributions to the workshop and all enjoyed having the opportunity to hear how barristers structure and present arguments to best represent their clients.

It was a unique opportunity to work closely with highly experienced lawyers and students gained a real ‘taster’ of life as a barrister.


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