Thomas Telford School Sports Fixtures

From: 28/1/2019 To: 3/2/2019

DateDescriptionStart AtEndYearsStaff
28/1/2019Netball AWAY vs Ludlow16:0017:009s & 10s HAF HLL LM
28/1/2019Swim Squad15:4517:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
28/1/2019Goalkeeper Training15:4517:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormMd/DLL/PDB
28/1/2019Girls Basketball15:4517:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormALP
28/1/2019Running Club15:4517:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormPJN/CCH
28/1/2019Recreational Netball15:4517:007/8HHL/EYH
28/1/2019Table Tennis Squad Training15:4517:007/8/9/10/11SBK/CRR
28/1/2019Boys Football15:4517:008JPN
28/1/2019Girls and Boys Hockey 15:4517:009/10/11SKS
28/1/2019Boys Football15:4517:0010MJL
28/1/2019BTEC Sport Catch Up (LC4)15:4517:006th FormMJL
28/1/20196th form basketball V Adams Grammar (A). 4:00PM tip off. Meet at 3:00pm in outside changing rooms. Return at 5:20pm 6th form MJL
28/1/2019Boys Football ESFA Elite Schools Cup R4 v Preston College PR2 8UR (A)14:0015:306th FormDLL/DJH
28/1/2019Girls Shrophire County Football v Meole Brace (A) 14:1015:3010/11ALP + 1 other
28/1/2019Boys Football County Cup v Madeley (A)15:3017:008JPN
29/1/2019Boys Football B Team ESFA Schools Cup R5 v Boston Grammar School (H)13:3015:008SST/PJN
29/1/2019Water Polo15:4517:007/8/9/10/11/6th Form SSP
29/1/2019Girls Football15:4517:007/8ALP
29/1/2019Cricket Nets15:4517:007/8/9/10/11PDB/JPN
29/1/2019Boys and Girls Hockey15:4517:007SKS/HAF
29/1/2019Netball Squad Training15:4517:008/9/10/11HHL/LAM
29/1/2019Boys Football15:4517:009DJH
29/1/2019Duke of Edinburgh15:4517:0010/11/6th FormALP
29/1/2019Boys Football15:4517:0011DLL
29/1/2019A Level PE Catch Up Session15:4517:006th FormCCH
30/1/2019Learn to Swim15:4517:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
30/1/2019Gymnastics15:4517:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormHHL
30/1/2019Boys and Girls Hockey15:4517:008/9SKS
30/1/2019Girls Netball15:4517:007HHF/LAM/ASC
30/1/2019St Georges Park Training Session. Leave at 8:15am - return at 1:30pm 08:1513:306th Form Girls TBC
30/1/2019U15s & U14s Boys Hockey (HOME) 7 aside16:0017:009&10HAF
30/1/2019Boys Football ECFA League CAT 1 v Brooke House College (A)6th FormDLL/DJH
30/1/2019Boys U18 2nd XI ECFA Invitation 2A v Oswestry School (H) 14:0015:306th FormPDB/MJL
30/1/2019Boys U18 3rd XI Shropshire U19 League v Codsall 2nd XI (A)6th FormJPN
30/1/2019Girls Football ECFA League CAT 2 v Newcastle Under Lyme College 1 (H)6th Form
30/1/20196th Form Mixed Hockey League - AWAY - Cancelled6th
31/1/2019ESFA Girls National Cup v West Park12:4514:008/9ALP
31/1/2019Free Swimming15:4517:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
31/1/2019Boys Basketball15:4517:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormMJL
31/1/2019Girls Hockey15:4517:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSKS/HAF
31/1/2019Boys Football15:4517:007STT/PJN
31/1/2019Girls Football15:4517:009/10/11ALP
31/1/2019A Level PE Catch Up Session15:4517:006th FormDJH
1/2/2019Open Lane Swimming07:0008:007/8/9/10/11/6th FormSSP
1/2/2019Boys Football ESFA Schools Cup R6 v Priestnall School (H)13:2915:0010MJL/PDB
1/2/2019U13 County Indoor Cricket Finals at Shrewsbury Sports Village - Meet 8.3009:3013:008PDB/SSP
1/2/2019Boys Football ESFA Schools Cup R4 V Calday Grange Grammar School (H)11:3013:008JPN/DLL